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Innoplexus provides advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain solutions that support all stages of drug development from pipeline to market. Innoplexus identifies and extracts structured and unstructured life science data by scanning up to 95% of the world-wide-web and merges it with enterprise and third-party data in an ongoing, real-time process. This continually updated data repository is the foundation of our custom and off-the-shelf solutions that serve pharmaceutical companies, the biotech industry, and contract research organizations.

Ontosight® – Accelerate the drug development process

Ontosight® offers the largest searchable library of life sciences information to help companies develop accurate therapies much faster, saving them time and costs. The platform applies proprietary AI technologies along with our life sciences ontology to crawl, aggregate, analyze, and visualize life sciences data from multiple published, unpublished, third-party, and enterprise sources.


This one stop solution for life sciences comes with various modules and dashboards to help you optimize work potential with the most relevant knowledge, real-time intelligence, and discovery of new patterns across pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory and commercial phases of drug development.


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One platform for all drug development answers – Ontosight®

Ontosight® Discover

An innovative and intuitive semantic discovery engine that understands biomedical concepts and allows users to see relevant results in context across multiple data sources

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Ontosight® Explore

A life sciences–specific search engine that enables exploration, identification, and building of various direct and indirect connections between biological entities such as drugs, targets, pathways, and diseases

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Ontosight® Influence

Real-time discovery, management, and network analysis of top and emerging key opinion leaders (KOLs) across the entire drug discovery and development value chain

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Ontosight® Integrate

A 100% automated, self-service engine that leverages internal and external data for real-time analysis of products/sales performance and status of budget and expenses

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Our strengths are focused on faster drug discovery


Proprietary Technologies

Our leading proprietary AI technology for life sciences generates real-time insights and relevant results for better decision-making


Self-Learning Ontology

Our self-learning ontology understands the language of life sciences and enables context-based searches across multiple data sources


Life Science Data Ocean

Our technology connects trillions of data points from structured, unstructured, public, third-party, corporate, and unpublished data

Our Technology is domain-agnostic. We empower:

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