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Real-time, relevant Data for confident Decisions

With our products based on Artificial Intelligence, we support organizations – such as Pharma, Life Sciences, Banks and Financial Services – that need to constantly evaluate and improve their operations to keep up with the fast pace of change, like an ever-changing regulatory environment, disruptive tech start-ups or growing customer expectations.

Our advanced technology of continuous data analytics enables these organizations to gain broader, deeper and faster insights. We help to discover new opportunities and answers previously hidden in the avalanche of structured and unstructured, disconnected data, and increase the efficiency of managing the full picture of relevant information. We are disrupting traditional, mainly manual processes and fundamentally transforming how data intelligence and analytics is generated and consumed in enterprises by making data and insights available everywhere, every time to move to continuous decision making.

All our Artificial Intelligence (AI) based products and solutions use our proprietary CAAV framework for Crawling, Aggregating and Analyzing billions of data points from thousands of data sources and use machine learning and interactive Visualizations for generating intelligence and displaying the insights in an intuitive way.

Enabling faster, deeper & broader insights

Our Artificial Intelligence based products offering best in class data crawling, aggregation, analysis and visualization.

Our Products & Solutions for Pharma and Life Sciences Organizations

Our Discovery Engine: iPlexus

iPlexus leverages AI to generate continuous intelligence and insights across pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory and commercial phases of drug development, spanning all major therapeutic areas.

Our Network Engine: kPlexus

kPlexus is an essential component for marketers and medical staff throughout the life-cycle of a specific drug or product. It supports Key Opinion Leader discovery and management effectively.

Our Customized BI: CES

By customizing dashboards, providing continuous analytics solutions using our technology framework and integrating your company’s in-house data, we help solve your specific business problems.

Our Products & Solutions for Banks and Financial Services Institutions

Our Risk & Compliance-Management Engine: RegI

RegI enables you to reduce costs and risks of tracking regulations and amendments. RegI helps to identify and understand regulatory requirements, improve efficiency at addressing compliance requirements.

Our one stop CLV-Platform:      Clive

Clive evaluates Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) in order to develop sales strategies using real-time, multi-dimensional customer behaviour insights.

Our Customer Identity-Tool: Master Person Index

Our Master Person Index Tool helps you to discover identities around specific attributes, resolves them to unique identities and maps them to an institution’s customer data with high confidence.

Expedite Life Sciences Research with iPlexus

Our most popular comprehensive AI powered product for Pharma

  • Discover most relevant proteins, drugs, diseases
  • Find hidden connections of drug molecules for a new path of drug discovery
  • Generate valuable insights with more than 300TB+ Life Sciences data

KOL discovery & management made easy with kPlexus

World’s first self-service platform for management of Key Opinion Leaders

  • Penetrate new geographical markets by identifying best known KOLs
  • Discover top & emerging KOLs using advanced network analytics
  • Engage proactively using intuitive modules


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The Technology behind

Our proprietary CAAV (Crawling, Aggregating, Analysis and Visualization) framework is based on a few founding pillars of patent pending technologies.

Desktop, Mobile or Tablet – Our Products are accessible everywhere!

Our proprietary algorithms and Artificial Intelligence based products are all-device friendly to help you gain access to over 300TB+ Life Sciences data and actionable insights anytime, anywhere. We have developed Android and iOS apps to access and manage emerging and top Key Opinion Leaders profiles from a pool of over 10+ million profiles in Life Sciences.

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Faster, deeper & broader insights in real time with our AI based platforms and solutions.

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