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Jun 23

Strategic partnership announcement: Innoplexus holding company Partex NV is pleased to announce a one-of-its-kind collaboration with Anavex Life science corp. for Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled drug development and healthcare sales marketing

Exciting News! Anavex Life Sciences and Partex NV Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Patient Experience. Anavex Life Sciences Corp. and Partex NV N.V. Group are pleased to...
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Feb 23

AI supports targeted therapy recommendations fortumor diseases – BMBF funds joint research projectat University Medical Center Mainz with 2.53 millionEuros

The treatment and support of patients with advanced tumor diseases is a complex task involving numerous disciplines. For the interdisciplinary...
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Innoplexus wins Horizon Interactive Gold Award for Curia App

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The Story Of Disrupting AI-Driven Team

The Story Of Disrupting AI-Driven Team

Discover the story of bringing together two worlds- AI and healthcare. Gunjan Bhardwaj, Founder and CEO of Innoplexus, guides us through an inspiring journey of disrupting AI- driven teams with his passion for data, innovation, and commitment to specialize in AI decision-making. Being a lifelong researcher in life sciences and healthcare industries, today he has made solving the toughest problems in pharma possible with AI.

This video originally published on youtube channel of Frankfurt Data Science.

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New app for cancer patients

Das Eschborner Unternehmen Innoplexus hat eine neue App namens „Curia“ für Krebspatienten veröffentlicht. Mit dem Computerprogramm, das sich unentgeltlich herunterladen…