Innoplexus talks about Cybersecurity with

Innoplexus talks about Cybersecurity with


Innoplexus talks about Cybersecurity with

Are Indian Tech Start-ups Robust Enough To Run Fast With Nation’s Digital Drive?

The Zomato security breach puts a question mark on the information handling ability of start-ups

The digital drive in India has altered the functioning of the industrial sector and put it on a fast track. In today’s cut-throat competition, every small or big company is following the common mantra of ‘Go Digital’ in a bid to make their strong online presence and fetch traction instantly.

With a plenty of innovative tech apps and start-ups coming up every single day and post the security breach of one of the most used app Zomato, the question which bothers us all is, “are customers’ personal information safe with digital ventures?”


Entrepreneur India asked the question to some of the successful tech start-ups in the country on how can they ensure foolproof security to consumers’ personal information?


Data Stored In Virtual Private Cloud


Vatsal Agarwal, the SME-CTO of an automated database services application, Innoplexus, said, “At Innoplexus, we keep all data in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), which are servers kept securely at a remote location and accessed on the internet. This is fast becoming a standard setting for all companies.”

“Since we consider data as the heart and soul of everything we do, our team uses 256-bit encryption algorithms, which are impossible to crack. With it in place, no one would be able to understand or use data at any place. So, if anybody tries to access it, the machine would display a random sequence of zeros and ones,” added Agarwal.


Developing A Secure Access Or Transfer Protocol

Explaining why a hacker will not be able to access the machine, Agarwal told Entrepreneur India, “Accessing the machine through the internet is an easier and most common method of hacking. We allow only a selective range of IPs to access each machine, called IP white-listing. Above everything, all transactions and interactions with remote machines are done via a secure network. A secured access or transfer protocol avoids leaking of sensitive information to any third person trespassing.”

Hyderabad-based cyber-security company UNIK Systems talked about how Indian tech start-ups are equipped to maintain a secured database online?

Rajkumar, Co-founder and Director, UNIK Systems said, “India is technologically equipped — as good as any other country in the world. However, we have noticed that CISOs in the enterprise community are preferring convenience over security.”

On the ongoing digital drive in India and how companies can secure their databases online, Rajkumar said, “We do believe in digital drive in India, but at the same time, we need to stress the urgency of giving security its due priority by proactively trying newer security solutions as advanced zero-day attacks are persistently happening.”

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