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Jun 24

Partex and Singapore’s Experimental Drug Development Centre collaborate to bring forward an innovative approach for early drug discovery and development

Frankfurt, Germany, 3rd June 2024, 9am CET Partex, a leading provider of AI-driven solutions in the pharmaceutical industry, is thrilled...
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Apr 24

Partex Partners with Lupin to Revolutionize Drug Discovery through AI-Driven Asset Search and Evaluation

Frankfurt, Germany, 23 April 2024 – Partex, a leading provider of AI-driven solutions in the pharmaceutical industry, is thrilled to...
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Innoplexus wins Horizon Interactive Gold Award for Curia App

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Innoplexus Launches Worldwide Academic Access Program for its Flagship Ontosight.ai

Frankfurt, Germany, May 21, 2019 — Innoplexus announced today the launch of Ontosight Academic, a platform that provides academic researchers free access to a vast volume of life sciences data made searchable using machine learning algorithms and other artificial intelligence technologies. Today, academic researchers in life sciences are swamped with millions of publications and theses that they use to validate a hypothesis or to find a relevant connection. This research is important because it has the potential to improve quality of life for everyone. For this reason, Innoplexus aims to remove certain limitations to academic research by democratizing data and supporting research conducted by life science academics, thereby facilitating progress in this area. After collaboration with selected universities in the United States since last year, Innoplexus is now launching the academic access program worldwide. The platform is available to academic life sciences researchers at ontosight.ai/academic.

Innoplexus’s Ontosight Academic platform leverages its life science data ocean with a self-learning life sciences-specific ontology along with natural language processing to provide search results that are more industry specific and relevant to the search query. The life sciences ontology developed by Innoplexus enables concept-based contextual and accurate results generated from over 95% of publicly available life sciences data. “Knowledge is growing faster than our ability to effectively absorb and apply it in research. It is estimated that by 2020 the amount of medical knowledge will double every 73 days. What medical students who will graduate that year learned during the first 3 years of their studies will represent only 6% of the knowledge accumulated by the medical world in the decade that ends in 2020,” says Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj, CEO and founder of Innoplexus. “Therefore, we support researchers to further scientific development by giving them faster and better access to all the data. We are driven by our determination to help science win.”

Innoplexus leverages machine learning algorithms to make this data structured and available for generating useful, real-time insights by academic researchers. With its proprietary technology, which crawls, aggregates, analyzes, and visualizes data from various scientific resources such as publications, clinical trial repositories, drug profiles, gene profiles, theses, dissertations, grants, and patents, Innoplexus ensures access to even the most nascent research being done in their field.

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Strategic partnership announcement: Innoplexus holding company Partex NV is pleased to announce a one-of-its-kind collaboration with Anavex Life science corp. for Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled drug development and healthcare sales marketing anavex_partex_partnership_Innoplexus

Strategic partnership announcement: Innoplexus holding company Partex NV is pleased

Exciting News! Anavex Life Sciences and Partex NV Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Patient Experience. Anavex Life Sciences Corp. and Partex NV N.V. Group are pleased to announce…