Leveraging cutting-edge technology to empower decision making

Our innovation lead technology development

helped us file 70+ patents



Smart contract system for
searching unpublished data and
making transactions. Real time
valuation of unpublished data
through AI. TruAgent™ enables
integrating confidential data in a
secured way.


Computer Vision

Leverage image processing to
classify & extract relevant info from
PDF and image files. Enhanced OCR
to handle ambiguous & special
characters with higher precision.
Interprets page layout & structure
as humans, to machine language.


Entity Normalisation

Resolving entities from disparate
sources covering name variations &
degeneration. Increasing the
precision to discover entities even
with sparse metadata. Leverage
crawled data to improve


Machine Learning & AI

Tapping the wealth of unstructured
data, from internal and external
sources. Understand domain
specific contextual information (e.g.
our life science language
processing™ engine). Building
reasoning system to serve intent of
user queries.



Mapping all discoverable concepts
from content of all major data
sources in the base ontology.
Connects observations from
curated sources & literature. Self
learns unseen concepts validated
by random checks.


Network Analysis

Modelling and persisting the entire
data set as a network in graph
database. Multi-graph with
networks from different asset
classes as layers. Large scale
network analysis to find key
insights in real time.

Technology Partners

Leveraging AI at each stage of data pipeline

World’s first vertically integrated data ecosystem

Reinforcement learning & machine learning to predict user aspirations and make intuitive interface

Deep learning-based text analytics, computer vision to extract aggregate & interpret information, accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs

Natural language processing & context-dependent information retrieval to enable self-learning Ontology, maintained in graph databases

Reinforcement learning & machine learning to recognize and crawl selective data of interest continuously, storage supported by HortonWorks Data Platform


World’s first dedicated application store for life sciences

Applications leveraging deep learning for drug discovery, clinical trial comparison, regulatory insights, information discovery and retrieval

World’s most comprehensive, first of its kind life science, financial services language processing engine

Unique deep sentiment analysis engine for bio-medical

World’s largest, most comprehensive, connected and automated ontology for life sciences and financial services.

World’s first blockchain powered ontology for life sciences

World’s largest data repository for life sciences – petabytes scale

World’s largest search engine for life sciences & domain specific topical crawling engine leveraging AI for information extraction

We follow highest European Security Standards

  • Data lake on cloud
  • Two stage authentication of servers
  • No remote db access – all ports blocked
  • Data in db encrypted – decrypted only run-time by applications
  • Virtual Private Clouds (restricted instances) – no access to peer
  • Private IPs never disclosed to outside world
  • Proxy server based db access (even to the applications)
  • Access in proxy server maintained via public – private key infra

Cyber Security

  • Real time monitoring with ELK
  • No personal device policy (all drives closed)
  • At par with ISO 27001
  • Continuous monitoring and alerts on every hardware
  • Regular internal audits

Enterprise Data

  • Connection to client’s enterprise data store through
    IPSec tunnel (secured one to one communication)
  • Even backup is encrypted
  • Entire source code maintained on private Git


  • GDPR ready
    • Pseudonymisation
    • Privacy by design
  • GCP
  • HIPAA ready
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