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Innoplexus recognizes the unique requirements of the life sciences industry and offers custom solutions on top of our products to enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as CROs to have timely and easy access to useful insights. Our proprietary AI technology combined with a self-learning life sciences ontology that understands the context of the search query and our capability to connect trillions of data points from structured and unstructured, public and private data make our solutions unique. To help you focus your energy and time on your specific needs, Innoplexus offers dashboards and Data as a Service, helping you get access to relevant data, advanced analytics, and our ontology, so that you can stay ahead of the latest developments.

Innoplexus’ AI–powered Solutions

Get our APIs to connect to an data ocean covering 95% of the world-wide web and combine it with enterprise or third-party data, aggregated and enriched with our self-learning life sciences ontology consisting of 31M+ life sciences–related terms and concepts for relevant information.


Continuously crawled, real-time information from multiple publicly available sources in one place. Leverage AI to stay up to date with guidelines, regulatory, patents, market scenarios, and other areas of the drug discovery landscape. Generate relevant insights for success.


Our blockchain-based system enables companies to securely gain access to partner’s metadata at a single platform. It also allows full access upon agreement. Get access to more life sciences data to generate new insights and for informed decision-making.

Prioritize indications based on logic scoring attained using various factors covering biological validation, clinical trial valuation, and commercial evaluation. Fast-track research and decision-making to save time and optimize costs for more success.

Case Studies & Capabilities

Data as a Service

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  • Finding most recent literature from congresses, presentation, clinical trials etc. based on indication and top pathways & targets being studied
  • Identifying competing drugs and drugs’ details such as pathway, targets, sponsors etc.
  • Finding top investigators, ideal sites, and optimal design parameters for clinical trials

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