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All our products use and leverage our proprietary CAAVTM framework for crawling, aggregating billions of data points from thousands of data sources and use machine learning and interactive visualizations for generating intelligence and displaying the insights in an intuitive way.


Life Sciences Research Simplified

iPlexusTM is an end-to-end platform for Life sciences to generate intelligence and insights across pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory and commercial stages of a drug.

In the drug development process, there is no single source of information for reference. Collecting and aggregating competitive and regulatory intelligence data is a tedious and time consuming process. Time lag in information collation renders it obsolete.
iPlexusTM is an innovative and intuitive semantic search facility which understands biomedical concepts and allows users to see relevant results in context across multiple data sources like Publications, Clinical Trials, Congresses, Theses and much more.

The platform helps users get quick, crisp and summarized snapshots of the current landscape in any given context, be it important deals and mergers, fast-tracked clinical trials and much more helping them make informed and data-backed decisions.

Through iPlexusTM, we want to facilitate better ways of discovering, exploring and analyzing biomedical research.

Concept based intelligent search across varied data sources

An innovative and intuitive semantic search facility which understands biomedical concepts. Query for ‘NSCLC’ or ‘crc’ and the system automatically understands it as ‘Non Small Cell Lung Cancer’ or ‘Colorectal Cancer’

Search crumbs

A proprietary feature which aids the user in iterating over the query and building the correct context until desired results are obtained

Coverage across multiple data sources

See relevant results for your context across multiple data sources like Publications, Clinical Trials, Congresses, Theses and much more

Deep dive with various analysis modules

Using various analysis layers and modules like Interventional View, Competitor Landscape, Gene View, Trial Design Kit etc., take your research and decision making to the next level

Enables informed decision making in the Life sciences landscape

Get quick, crisp and summarized snapshots of the current landscape in any given context, be it important deals and mergers, fast-tracked clinical trials, important KOLs to target and much more. Make informed and data-backed decisions

Our Approach

  • Continuously crawling and indexing scientific data. We have a growing repository of over 200 terabytes of scientific data across 180 clinical trial databases, 200 biological databases, all major patent offices, regulatory agencies, patient forums which includes 27 million publications & 20 million patents
  • Integrating discussions, forums and posts from various social media channels and regulatory bodies
  • Using machine learning models and text analytics to generate insights at different levels e.g. TA, sponsor, indication, intervention and drug target
  • Presenting the information in an intuitive and interactive user interface



  • Easy to use, cloud-based decision support system helps R&D and commercial teams in agile decision making
  • Instant availability of insights across deep, dense and diverse data sets for taking an informed decision in key therapeutic areas
  • Platform saves considerable time and effort from collecting and updating the same information from different sources manually


We’re fundamentally transforming how intelligence is generated and consumed in enterprises by making data & insights available everywhere, every time.

Our products use machine learning and interactive visualizations for generating continuous intelligence and displaying actionable insights in an intuitive way.


Discover and Engage

kPlexusTM is the world’s first self-service platform for management of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the Life Sciences. It leverages the iPlexusTM platform for processing millions of global profiles from public and proprietary data using proprietary algorithms.

Traditional methods of searching for and identifying KOLs like literature search and surveys can be time consuming. KOL engagement and management is largely done manually on spreadsheets and is not always a coordinated activity.

kPlexusTM is an essential component for marketers and medical staff throughout the life-cycle of a specific drug or product. kPlexusTM is effective at all stages of the drug development lifecycle. Our approach involves Entity Normalization which results in uniform KOL names. This helps avoid redundancies and inconsistencies in KOL names. Our proprietary algorithm scores each KOL based on expertise and alignment of interest and capabilities. This allows users to identify KOLs who are influential and impactful within their areas of expertise.

While most KOL identification and management products focus on one stage only, our holistic approach covers all stages at once allowing our customers to pinpoint the right KOL for the right stage.

Search over 6 million profiles globally

kPlexusTM provides a global database of KOL directories across a wide range of therapeutic areas based upon their expertise in clinical trials, publications, patents, etc.

Manage dashboard, mark and categorise favorite KOLs

A pre-populated dashboard with widgets displaying upcoming events, interactions, user’s recent and saved lists of KOLs. Users can categorise KOLs based on the therapeutic area, base location, language preferences, expertise level, etc. to create saved lists of KOLs

Schedule or attend events and manage all interactions at one place

User can schedule or plan an event or interaction to engage with KOLs, be a key speaker at an event or meet personally to interact with business prospects or KOLs.  An intuitive and dynamic calendar tool with listing of past, present and upcoming events and interactions scheduled with KOLs

Filter search criteria provides precise KOL lists

With over 25 filters, user search criteria provides precise list of KOLs according to the applied data filters, cutting down the volume of data that do not fit the search

An intuitive connectivity map shows the network of KOLs

With a quantitative approach in identifying the key KOLs, our connectivity map provides influential ranking of a KOL amongst the KOL networks in a therapeutic area

 Our Approach

  • Identification, profiling and management of the right mix of top KOLs, institutionally networked KOLs and ‘rising stars’ across multiple asset classes to drive complete drug lifecycle using sophisticated machine learning algorithms
  • Linking across public data sources & automated pooling according to the domain ontology for relative ranking of KOLs as per selection type
  • List KOL interactions, show recent engagements, upcoming events, team members who engage with KOLs, dates and mode of engagement
  • Presenting networked KOLs in an intuitive and interactive visualization



  • Enabling continuous discovery of KOLs, commercial and medical affair teams are able to respond to changing business needs faster
  • A reliable platform that enables and encourages proactive engagement
  • Complete data & statistics around KOLs saves time and effort
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