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Our AI and Blockchain powered products help Pharma, Life Sciences, Banks, Financial Services and Academic Institutions to gain real-time access to relevant data.

The exponential growth in deep, dense and diverse data is drowning enterprises. They are struggling to store, analyze and extract actionable insights from their own data. Not to mention the increase in external data sources, ever changing regulatory environment, disruptive tech start-ups, powerful tech-giants and growing customer expectations.

At Innoplexus, we are disrupting the traditional, manual processes of how data intelligence and analytics is generated and consumed in Pharmaceutical, Banking and Financial Services industry. Our products, powered by AI and Blockchain technology help enterprises to gain broader, deeper, and faster insights from the avalanche of structured and unstructured data. We help companies in discovering new opportunities and answers to the questions hidden in disconnected data, and help them in making empowered, inspired & faster decisions.

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January 15, 2019 / Media

AI able to ‘predict impact of minor changes’ to manufacturing

Industry 4.0 has been pitched as able to transform the way pharma manufacturing operates, Lawrence Ganti.....
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December 21, 2018 / Media

Blockchain in Healthcare: 6 Possible Use Cases

According to one study, the United States healthcare system ranked last among 11 industrialized nations in terms of access, equity,...
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December 14, 2018 / Media

5 predictions for AI in 2019

While several companies touted the potential of AI to disrupt the drug development industry in 2018, what practical applications can...
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