Monitor Scientific Narratives, Understand Patient Sentiment, and Identify KOLs

Empowering Medical Affairs with real-time insights


There is a significant amount of medical information and coordination that medical affairs oversees. Given the rapid pace of medical innovation, multiple databases may be required to stay abridged of the latest developments. However, as most of databases are manually curated, there will be delays in receiving the latest information. As Innoplexus’ technology covers 97% of the life sciences information publicly available, we can empower medical affairs professionals with a centralized source of information updated in real-time. Furthermore, through our custom solutions, tailored filters can be designed to identify the most relevant publications to communicate to the medical community.

Innoplexus’ AI–powered Solutions

Centralize relevant medical affairs information, such as FDA guideline updates and recent KOL publications, into a concise, customizable dashboard.

centralize medical affairs

Access untapped KOL networks based on customized metrics such as therapeutic area and disease subtypes, location, publications, and more. Innoplexus categorizes KOLs into 4 distinct categories: Commercial, Clinical, Thought-Leaders, and Public Speaker.

Gain insights into the patient and physician perspective based on social media, patient support groups, and relevant digital footprints.

Our proprietary CAAVTM framework enables organizations to move to continuous decision making by generating insights from structured, unstructured private and public data



Crawl and index structured, unstructured life sciences data using proprietary framework and ontologies



Seamless integration, enrichment of enterprise and public data using AI, LSLP & ML



Removing ambiguity, interpreting entity relationship using advanced network analysis techniques



Presenting relevant Insights in intuitive, adaptive interface thereby reducing cognitive load

Information Sources Powering Innoplexus’s Life Sciences Data Ocean








Congress ppts


Theses & Dissertations


Clinical Trials


Drug Profiles


Gene Profiles

Enterprise Data

Enterprise data that is structure or unstructured can be integrated into a custom life-sciences data ocean made for a given project so that no enterprise data is stored within Innoplexus’s systems.

Third-party Data

Innoplexus can enter into third-party agreements with data providers to centralize data assets already available at an enterprise level


We help in unlocking data-siloes and unpublished data in a secure way

Computer Vision

We extract important life sciences information from PDFs and other documents

Entity Normalisation

We reduce error percentage of missing entities resulting from wrong spellings and synonyms

Machine Learning & AI

We achieve integration with enterprise data and enrichment with public data using AI & ML


Our self learning life sciences ontology is build using 20 million biomedical terms

Network Analysis

We help to discover unknown biological connections, and visualize them through interactive graphs

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