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Ontosight® – faster research, accurate insights, informed decisions


Ontosight® offers a holistic approach to research and discovery in pharma and life sciences by leveraging artificial intelligence and a self-learning life sciences ontology. Innoplexus provides real-time insights by scanning 95% of the world-wide web connecting trillions of points from structured and unstructured data.


The platform leverages advanced analytics techniques combined with AI technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, and entity normalization to offer continuously updated data and insights from multiple sources (publications, clinical trials, congresses, patents, grants, drug profiles, and gene profiles, etc.) to generate relevant search results.


Ontosight® enables pharmaceutical, CRO, biotech, and life sciences professionals to accelerate research and development, with real-time insights at their fingertips. Ontosight® modules and dashboards help to significantly accelerate processes throughout the drug development cycle, from preclinical and clinical to regulatory and commercial phases.

Real-time insights from the largest life sciences data ocean

One platform, multiple solutions


Experience the power of AI and our proprietary life sciences ontology combined in Ontosight® –your one-stop solution to real-time, relevant insights for better-informed and faster decision-making. Ontosight® offers significant cost and time savings for those involved at various stages of the drug development process. We accelerate research, discovery, and development by providing various modules and dashboards that support context-based searches, deep-dive functionalities, and intuitive visualization of our life sciences data ocean.

Customized solutions for pharma and life sciences

Dashboards offer continuously crawled and updated information from multiple sources in one place by leveraging AI to provide real-time insights on guidelines, regulatory, and other areas in the drug discovery landscape.



It provides latest updates and timely insights from major medical regulatory agencies, disease and drug guidelines and status of drug launches across geographies.


It provides real-time intelligence on competitors around drug targets, gene, protein, drugs for each therapeutic area based on public and client data assets.


This dashboard provides important guidelines relevant to a particular therapeutic area or drugs of interest published by international and national societies.


This dashboard provides useful information around clinical trials, treatment guidelines, and label revisions for drugs at a glance based on user’s interest.


It offers insights about sentiments around drugs, extracted from social and clinical media. The dashboard enables users to identify opportunities and threats in real-time and take appropriate measures.


Select your own data points to generate widgets to get customized insights around your topics of interest.

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