Real-Time Performance Overview for Informed Decisions

Optimize leadership strategy with actionable insights


Transform, clean, and aggregate under-utilized enterprise data in ready-to-analyze state to generate visual insights. Generate real-time information and overview of all functions of a pharmaceutical company, including product performance, sales performance, budget and expenses, patient activity, call center performance, CI landscape, etc.


It applies proprietary AI technologies to consolidate data extracted in real time from multiple sources such as SAP, Veeva (CRM data), IMS, Siebel, Salesforce, device data, internal enterprise data, call center (Symposium, NVM), reimbursement (STI, Co-Pay), orders data, etc. It also crawls publicly available data sources, including social websites, patient and physician forums, and blogs, in real time to inform important business decisions.

Ontosight® Integrate: 100% automated engine for leadership

Ontosight® Integrate consolidates internal and external data, and structured and unstructured data with readily available plugins that can integrate 20+ enterprise software sources to fetch, manage, analyze, and visualize data in real time and provide seamless analytics on relevant KPIs. The platform caters to multiple uses across business units, such as sales, marketing, patient services, finance, strategy, business intelligence, and research and development.


Ontosight® Integrate can be leveraged by the patient services team to prioritize patients who are expected to attrite, get up-to-date metrics on patient service requests, and monitor retention metrics. The marketing team can leverage it to access physician profile, patient-related metrics, KAM performance, sales projections, and competitor market performance. Finance and senior management can find overall costs broken down to each business unit level and cost element. It also provides access to raw data to enable any ad hoc analysis.


Accurate insights from multiple sources

Completely automated APIs

Real-time updates and analytics

Flexibility to define user rolesFlexibility to define user roles

Intuitive visualizations

Experience more Aha! Moments

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