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Innoplexus utilizes proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to empower efficiencies in data analysis and insight generation for pharma and biotech companies by providing real-time, deeper and faster access to trillions of data points. We understand the language of life sciences and deploy continuous analytics ecosystems supporting a wide range of use cases from Discovery to Commercialization.

Drug Discovery

Magnifying glass and test tube
Connect an ocean of data to enhance insights and accelerate drug discovery


Magnifying glass and syringe
Streamline clinical trial design and site selection

Medical Affairs

Document and DNA double helix
Monitor scientific narrative, understand patient sentiment, identify KOLs


Table and pen in the form of a double helix
Monitor guideline changes in real time & automate document flows


Screen and medical document
Analyze patent landscape & connect patent and non-patent literature


Medical file and banknotes
Expedite strategic decision-making to drive revenues

The Innoplexus Data Ocean covers 97% of the Life Science Web.

We build the world’s largest research graph. It´s time to unlock the value of data!

Continuous – Real-Time – Relevant Insights


We help organizations move to continuous decision making by generating insights from structured, unstructured, private and public data using our CAAVTM framework. We extract entities and relationships from trillions of web pages automatically enabling real-time analytics in context.
















How your Custom Insights Ecosystem gets empowered

1. Our Universal Crawler identifies the entire digital Life Science Data Universe

Public Data

  • Publications
  • Patents
  • Guidelines
  • News
  • Blogs & Forums
  • And many more

Enterprise Data

  • Structured
  • Unstructured
  • Multiple Sites
  • Different Platforms

3rd Party Data

  • Market Data
  • Trial Data
  • Databases
  • APIs

2. Leveraging AI and cutting-edge technology in every step

Network Analysis


Connect disparate data sources and types to create a large-scale network graph



Self-learning, evolving set of 20+ million biomedical concepts & terms enabling connection of 1+ trillion data points

Computer Vision


Ability to extract & read various formats of files: understanding page layout, audio, images, tables & graphs

Entity Normalization


Our algorithms connect records accross scattered data sources. Covering name variations, synonyms, & multiple same name references

3. To provide you with use case specific, real-time Analytics

Pipeline Prioritization


Drug Repurposing


Trending Concepts & Hot Topics

Site Optimization & Enrollment


Endotype Response & Personalized Medicine


Sentiment Analytics

Therapeutic Area Landscape Dashboarding


KOL Identification & Scoring


Our Data as a Service / APIs

How can we support your drug development challenges?

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Disrupt the traditional way of drug development

Make fast decisions with real-time, relevant insights across all phases


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