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Our Data as a Service and Continuous Analytics as a Service products and solutions help pharmaceutical and life sciences companies reduce drug development time from synthesis to regulatory approval by providing real-time, deeper and faster insights for confident decisions.


Our products support pharmaceutical and life science companies at all phases of drug development, from pre-clinical to commercialization, to maximize opportunities.

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iPlexusTM: AI based tool for discovery

iPlexusTM  is an innovative and intuitive semantic discovery platform which understands biomedical concepts and allows you to see relevant results in context across multiple data sources like publications, clinical trials, congresses, theses, patents and much more. All in one place, real-time.


With iPlexusTM you generate intelligence and insights across pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory and commercial phases of a drug development in a quick, crisp and summarized snapshot with various deep dive opportunities. You can discover most relevant proteins, drugs, diseases, genes and also establish relations between any biomedical entity.  It helps you to make informed and data-backed decisions.


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The iPlexusTM Approach

We continuously crawl and aggregate scientific data from various data sources.


We have a growing repository of over 300+TB of scientific data across 180 clinical trial databases, 200 biological databases, all major patent offices, regulatory agencies, patient forums


We use machine learning models and text analytics to generate insights at different levels like therapeutic area, indication, intervention and drug target


We present all the information in an intuitive and interactive user interface.

Your benefits from iPlexusTM

Our platform saves considerable time and effort from collecting and updating the same information from different sources manually.


Instant availability of insights across deep, dense and diverse data sets for taking informed decisions in key therapeutic areas


Easy to use, cloud-based decision support system that helps R&D and commercial teams in agile decision making


It’s a better way of discovering, exploring and analyzing biomedical research.


kPlexus: World’s first KOL discovery and management platform

kPlexus leverages the iPlexus platform for processing millions of global profiles from public and private data using proprietary algorithms for generating the right set of KOLs for any given indications.


Our clients use kPlexus to search and view complete profiles of a KOL and to identify emerging and top-ranked KOLs for all phases of drug development.


While most of the KOL identification and management products focus on one phase only, our holistic approach covers all phases in one platform, allowing our customers to pinpoint the right KOL for the right phase.


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The kPlexus Approach

We identify, profile and manage the right mix of top KOLs, institutionally networked KOLs and ‘rising stars’ across multiple asset classes – like publications, clinical trials, congresses, and much more – to drive complete drug lifecycle using sophisticated machine learning algorithms.


We link across public data sources & automated pooling according to the domain ontology for relative ranking of KOLs as per selection type.


We list KOL interactions, engagements, upcoming events, team members who got engaged with KOLs etc all at one place.


Presenting networked KOLs in an intuitive and interactive visualization


We follow data privacy rules.

Your benefits from kPlexus

Enabling continuous discovery of KOLs, commercial and medical affair teams are able to respond to changing business needs faster.


With kPlexus you can identify and monitor the right mix of KOLs.


Platform that enables and encourages proactive engagement and focus on building KOL relationships with our calendar tools.


Complete data and statistics around KOLs saves time and effort.

Customized Enterprise Solutions: All relevant BI at one stop.

Build customized applications by plugging your in-house data for continuous analytics with our proprietary technology framework. Integrate data across your entire system to preserve valuable knowledge.


Using Big Data capabilities, predictive analytics, data mining and simulations we can develop customized dashboards for your comprehensive Business Intelligence. Tailored for your specific needs.


Aggregating data from various sources CRM, social media etc, adding a layer of descriptive analytics and machine learning we can developed a dashboard for your Customer Intelligence.



The CES Approach

We blend our proprietary technology to visualize valuable insights by any way you want: Plugging your (Enterprise) data with public data.


Function specific KPIs for leadership and business functions, real-time updated and automated system and one stop shop for all key BI metrics at relevant.


We present all the information in an intuitive and interactive user interface.

Your benefits from CES

Real-time customer intelligence for making your decisions easier


Comprehensive Business intelligence


Real-time decision support at fingertips


Generate new biomedical hypotheses and relations using AI


Field force optimizing platform to have better drug sales

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