8,000 – 10,000 research papers are published daily. This fact makes it difficult to go through a large amount of data to identify the most important findings for one’s own research purpose. iPlexus is a one-stop solution for all relevant insights within the pharmaceutical industry which helps you to accelerate your research process. We are committed to helping medical schools and academic institutions to experience the power of iPlexus. iPlexus Academic enables you, your faculty, students, and staff to employ rapidly advanced analytics to support your strategic decision making, in real time.

With our academic version, you can start using iPlexus for free. Required “.edu” or “.org” email address for requesting invite.

The iPlexus Academic data universe


Publications & Theses


Clinical Trials




Drug Profiles


Genes Profiles

Your benefits: Why iPlexus Academic.


All data collated on a single platform


No longer struggle with finding information by searching through various portals. iPlexus helps in bringing together all the information on a single platform.


Real time information updates


Do not worry about accessing outdated information. If a new version has been pushed out in the public, iPlexus will make sure that you see the updates in real time.


Search using proprietary medical ontology


Yes, so CRC means Colorectal Cancer, and IL-6 will mean Interferon beta 2 and Interleukin-6 too.


Updated data on congresses


Missed attending the conference? Not to worry. iPlexus will give you detailed information on major international and national congresses out there.


Explore thesis of your peers across the globe


iPlexus enables you to explore the work of your peers to keep you better acquainted with the research happening in your areas of interest.

iPlexus Academic: Life sciences data universe aggregated and updated in real time


iPlexus is a life science intelligence engine that provides the right direction for data exploration and insight discovery. It leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning models, natural language processing and advanced text analytics to generate continuous intelligence and insights across all phases of research in all therapeutic areas and indications.


Understanding biomedical concepts it allows you to identify relevant finding in context across different kind of data sources like publications, clinical trials, and drug profiles, etc. We turn data into knowledge helping you to discover the most correlated proteins, drugs, diseases, and genes. Now turn the knowledge into insights.




Concept Based Search .
Innovative search crumbs for getting the right query .
Publications data .
Clinical Trials data .
Congresses data .
Theses data .
Patents data .
Grants data .
Get detailed insights around Intervention .
Get detailed insights around Gene .

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