iPlexusTM – a one-stop deep data ocean of relevant information for the pharmaceutical industry. It uses the power of Blockchain and AI to revolutionize the drug discovery and research process. Senior executives get real-time data insights on a fingertip for empowered, inspired & faster decisions.

Published Data




Clinical Trials


Congress Articles


Drug Profiles



Patient forums

and more

Unpublished Data

Secured enterprise


Successful and failed


Science cannot wait, when patient lives are at stake

Current state of preclinical research ecosystem


  • No means to access and share unpublished experimental data
  • No means to access and share data on failed experiments
  • No mechanism to broadcast IP before publishing in peer reviewed journals

How does iPlexusTM improve it fundamentally?


  • Entire published available life science universe with TBs
    of data in an ontology based knowledge graph
  • Secured platform to share unpublished data on
    successful and failed experiments
  • Secured IP as experiment broadcasted with an
    immutable time stamp – AI based guidance valuation of

Blockchain and AI based iPlexusTM overcomes data silos to make drug discovery more efficient


We leverage collective intelligence

Search and access published and

unpublished data based on

concepts, author name etc.

Gain insights on Discovery and

Preclinical landscape without the peer

review blind spot of 18-24 months

Acquire exclusive license to use

other’s work

iPlexusTM: AI based tool for discovery

iPlexusTM  is an innovative and intuitive semantic discovery platform which understands biomedical concepts and allows you to see relevant results in context across multiple data sources like publications, clinical trials, congresses, theses, patents and much more. All in one place, real-time.


With iPlexusTM you generate intelligence and insights across pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory and commercial phases of a drug development in a quick, crisp and summarized snapshot with various deep dive opportunities. You can discover most relevant proteins, drugs, diseases, genes and also establish relations between any biomedical entity.  It helps you to make informed and data-backed decisions.


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The iPlexusTM Approach

Holistic view of the landscape

with integrated published +

unpublished as well as enterprise

data in a fully secured way

Competitive advantage through

exclusive licensing of unpublished

data. Authors protect IP as their

experimental meta data is

broadcasted immutably

AI based guidance valuation of

unpublished data. Large training

data starts the AGI1 paradigm

Your benefits from iPlexusTM

Strengthening the health care
system through practical
innovation acceleration and
equal opportunities


  • Incentives also for smaller
    researchers to share even failed
    experimental data


  • Data enrichment to accelerate
    innovation, taking data protection
    into account


  • Increased innovation dynamics for
    the benefit of the patient

Performance-oriented, objective
promoting of research work


  • Secured authorship makes it
    easier to share even unpublished


  • Increased innovation efficiency
    and intelligence due to advanced
    knowledge base


  • Financing by providing self-failed
    experimental data

Shorter discovery cycles and
cost savings for the life science


  • Wider knowledge base through
    insights into unpublished


  • Insights into the current trend of
    research and development


  • Cost and time savings through
    acquisition of results of
    experiments already performed

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