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We help Organizations to manage multi dimensional challenges

Our Story: On the way to an European Artificial Intelligence-Champion

In 2011, we looked at the decision making landscape in organizations and observed that the available technologies and models were helping make decisions but with fixed cycles of information processing, running in batches, with little flexibility and agility. We saw products sacrificing usability for more features, deployment times of months and requiring days or weeks of training to get started.

We saw a gap between the consulting and technology paradigms and sensed the need of different standards. That is when we founded Innoplexus. Since then we are bringing innovation into decision-making processes and are driving digital transformation. In building intelligent applications we bring together Research, Engineering, UX-Design, and other experts to use machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve the toughest problems from curing cancer to predictive analytics.

We are aiming to be the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions and striding towards it day by day.

Fast Facts


200+ highly skilled employees in multidisciplinary teams


Offices in Germany, India, USA


20+ global clients including many Big Pharma


Global Standards

in Data Protection


Proprietary CAAV

machine learning & Artificial Intelligence framework

Data Volume

300TB+, adding more each week


48  patent applications,

another 7 in pipeline


On edge technology to build reliable, secure & compliant applications



“Our Vision is to be recognized by our customers as leading provider of Artificial Intelligence based products offering best in class data crawling, aggregation, analysis and visualization solutions.”




“We enable customers to succeed in a competitive market by delivering real time access to full picture of relevant data.

We continuously develop our products based on Artificial Intelligence to enable broader, deeper and faster insights and best found decision making.”

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