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Current drug discovery efforts require significant time-consuming manual efforts to search literature, publications, and presentations to identify connections between genes, pathways, molecular targets, and drugs. Such efforts require searching through disparate databases and using search engines with poor understanding of the life sciences language, leading researchers to have an incomplete understanding of all the connections and interactions between biological entities. Innoplexus’s technology enables researchers to have all crawlable online published data at their fingertips and easily visualize connections between closely and distantly related entities. Innoplexus has created a self-learning life sciences ontology that understands life sciences phrases rather than lone words, which empowers users to search concepts and receive relevant entries.

Innoplexus’ AI–powered Solutions

Leverage Innoplexus’s life sciences data ocean, which encompasses 97% of all publicly available data, to discover novel therapies by identifying the connections and interactions between closely and distantly related genes, pathways, molecular targets, and drugs.


Predict and optimize toxicity properties of molecules by leveraging a machine learning approach to Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR).

Predict molecule toxicology

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and Innoplexus’s life sciences data ocean, validate the biological activity of new molecular entities and determine druggability scores.

molecule biological activity

Use Innoplexus’ full capabilities, including identifying connections between biological entities, predicting toxicologies, validating the biological activity of new molecules, estimating clinical trial costs, and assessing the competitive landscape to determine drug assets most likely to demonstrate efficacy, safety, and commercial success.


Utilize Innoplexus’s patent and grant landscape capabilities to find opportunities for drug development and funding. Search for patents in specific therapeutic areas and countries to gain market and competitor insights. Access available grants to find relevant funding sources.

Drug Development

Identify new opportunities for assets languishing on-the-shelf or approved drugs by leveraging Innoplexus’s life sciences data ocean and ontologies to identify new indications. Additionally, gain insights into pathways that can be targeted with already developed mechanisms of action.


Leverage Innoplexus’ life sciences data ocean, which encompasses 97% of all publicly available data, to discover novel therapies by identifying the connections and interactions between closely and distantly related genes, pathways, molecular targets, and drugs.

Access 97% of the world’s life sciences data through Innoplexus’ search engine, which is powered by a proprietary life sciences-specific ontology. The ontology empowers users to perform context-based rather than keyword searches, and generate insights faster.

Customized Life Science Search Engine

Access curated life sciences data that is crawled, normalized, cleaned, and structured. Liberate your data scientists to perform higher cognitive tasks such as analyzing data rather than cleaning and normalizing. Gain faster insights to make strategic decisions.

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Case Studies & Capabilities

Pipeline Prioritization

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Data as a Service

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Endotype Response & Personalized Medicine

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  • Biological Validation: Identifying and validating potential uses of target, pathway, disease and drug candidates
  • Clinical Trial Valuation: Estimating costs of clinical trials and likelihood of success
  • Commercial Evaluation: Monitoring competitors and determining commercial opportunity


  • Optimizing clinical trial patient selection by stratificating patients based on predicted levels of response to therapy
  • Connecting endotype responses to published literature and clinical trial data
  • Continually integrating new data streams to update endotype response predictions


  • Finding most recent literature from congresses, presentation, clinical trials etc. based on indication and top pathways & targets being studied
  • Identifying competing drugs and drugs’ details such as pathway, targets, sponsors etc.
  • Finding top investigators, ideal sites, and optimal design parameters for clinical trials

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