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Clinical trials are costly endeavors that often run over budget due to delays in patient enrollment. There are a multitude of factors that cause delays, such as a lack of available patients, high competition for patients/physicians, and clinical trial site fatigue to name a few. Innoplexus’ technology empowers clinical trial coordinators to identify centers likely to have untapped patient populations and underutilized emerging key opinion leaders interested in clinical trial research. Our AI technology accomplishes these feats via network analyses that connect diverse data points to provide insights not otherwise feasible and expedite clinical trials.

Innoplexus’ AI–powered Solutions

Access untapped KOL networks. Identify Top vs. Emerging KOLs and filter them by therapeutic area, location, publications, clinical trials, relationships with pharmaceutical competitors, and numerous customizable filters. Determine which KOLs to engage with based on four KOL archetypes Innoplexus has identified: Commercial, Clinical, Thought-leaders, and Public Speakers.

identify KOL

Analyze the performance of sites to understand what factors influence delays and gain the insights needed to prevent them.


Identify and select clinical trial sites based on site’s involvement in past trials by drug phase and indication, number of associated scientific KOL, proximity to patient populations, and hospital features (departments present, hospital beds, etc.).

clinical trial sites

Accelerate the development of robust clinical trials by quickly comparing trials from over 100+ databases, including clinicaltrials.gov. Connect the outcomes of clinical trials, such as progression to subsequent phases, regulatory approval, and payer decisions with the trial parameters such as trial duration, sample sizes, endpoints, inclusion / exclusion criteria and others to determine the optimal trial design.

clinical trial design

Case Studies & Capabilities

Site Optimization & Enrollment

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  • Assessing all past and ongoing clinical trials and drugs’ regulatory approval
  • Identifying and prioritizing clinical trial sites based on a multitude of parameters
  • Identifying top or emerging Key Opinion Leaders for clinical trial involvement

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