Never Stop Learning

Be curious

You will have plenty opportunities to take what you know, develop your skills, and grow with a group that takes on the world’s toughest challenges. The skills, knowledge and capabilities of our people are central to our success. That’s why we’re fully committed to developing a continuous learning culture. In addition to training classes there will always be a chance to learn: the talented people you work with will be an important base for knowledge-building.

Join as an Intern

Whether you’re finishing your undergraduate degree or studying at the postgraduate level we offer many opportunities for interns and we take care that you learn the important things needed for your future work.

Our HR Team is happy to answer your questions and to receive your application.

Meet us: Innoplexus on the road

We work together with a couple most renowned colleges and universities. You can meet us at on-campus events, lectures and university hackathons. Follow us on Facebook to always be informed where to meet us.

Get hands-on experience

We support students to gain hands-on experience in solving real-world data science problems and give exclusive access to and participate in current projects. We organize hackathons. And we work closely together with Frankfurt School of Finance & Management where we take over an active part in the Master in Applied Data Science curriculum as lecturer, data and problem statement provider.

Giving back to society: Early Learning

At Innoplexus, we believe in giving back to the society. That’s why we, in Pune, have started providing education to the kids from humble background, who share the same dream in their shining eyes as any of the kids of their age would have, but they are not able to fulfil them because they lack resources and proper environment.

Today, there is a massive gap in the education accorded to the weaker sections of the society versus what is accessible to the privileged sections. It is this gap that we wish to bridge, so that the children can confidently face the world, stand shoulder to shoulder and achieve things.

Learning through games, role plays, and fun activities form the major part of our event every weekend. We distributed education kits to the students and hope to enable them in many more ways.

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