Diversity Drives Innovation

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We strongly believe, diversity drives innovation. We empower our people to be themselves and respect others.


At Innoplexus every individual counts, so it follows that we believe we can make a difference for all women. That’s why increasing the number of female is central to our Inclusion and Diversity strategy. Operating in an industry often cited for its lack of diversity, we have been working to counter this trend and be a tech company that is willing to lead by example. This commitment has resulted in our workforce being made up of nearly 40 percent women. We’re committed to furthering our progress on gender parity.


For us diversity also means inclusion – we are providing supportive and inclusive working cultures for employees with visible and non-visible disabilities. Individual creativity and ingenuity is key to our success. By fostering a welcoming environment for all people, we can leverage that diversity to enhance our capabilities and improve outcomes for our customers.

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The high-tech industry, like other industries as well, is considered male-dominated. That was my personal experience as well. But I strongly believe that diverse teams are important delivering business performance. Diversity of thought and equal opportunity enables us to create amazing products and services.

When I first met our global teams I noticed immediately the high percentage of women and the wide spectrum of people with different backgrounds, abilities, cultures and languages. And I am very proud to be part of this open, welcoming culture.


–  Silke Otte (Chief Marketing Officer)



Working at Innoplexus is somehow life changing!
After nearly 8 years of research experience, it was a difficult decision for me to leave my research career and work in a product company. But so far I have not regretted a single day.

The atmosphere here is so vibrant and full of energy, there is a lot of room for new ideas and every day brings new challenges to solve. I will not be bored here. Innoplexus is the perfect place to grow, innovate and participate in the success.
Although I have a very different background, I was encouraged to run various projects and work directly on customer projects. This trust helped me to develop my skills and capabilities.

Anyone who is willing to face new challenges and to take over responsibility will have the opportunity.
Innoplexus challenges you to give your best and unleash your power!


–  Esha Pandita (Research Analyst)


“I love the vibrant energy! “

The energy that flows here, the constantly evolving never resting kind of work, the always looking out for next innovation attitude makes sure your ideas and skills are not stifled.

For women at Innoplexus learning and development opportunities as well as given challenges are tremendous. Our leadership team does not make a difference between gender or cultural background. Innoplexus respects your individual ambitions.

From Business Development, coding, interacting with clients to managing teams – Innoplexus has given me an opportunity to work on a variety of topics. With constantly evolving products, learning new things has become a part of everyday life.


–  Nupoora Udas (Associate Data Scientist)


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