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The patent landscape is ever-changing with over 3 million patents filed in 2018 and future predictions expect yearly increases. Asides from the increasing patent filings, these documents are also written in complex legal jargon. Using Innoplexus’ technology, Business Development, Business Licensing, Competitive Intelligence, Corporate Strategy, or Intellectual Property professionals from pharma and life sciences companies can gain insights into patent trends to understand competitor dynamics and discover market opportunities.

Innoplexus’ AI–powered Solutions

Understand competitor dynamics based on patent trends and gain insight into potential areas for competitive advantage.


Accelerate your repurposing efforts by gaining insight into when specific drugs will go off-patent and identify additional repurposing opportunities.


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  • Finding most recent literature from congresses, presentation, clinical trials etc. based on indication and top pathways & targets being studied
  • Identifying competing drugs and drugs’ details such as pathway, targets, sponsors etc.
  • Finding top investigators, ideal sites, and optimal design parameters for clinical trials

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