8 Startups Ahead of the Pulse in Healthcare

AI enabled healthcare is swiftly becoming today’s reality, fueled by innovative startups in the field. These startups are leveraging GPUs to develop AI applications that can analyze large amounts of...

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Can AI help in Drug Development ?

 This is the talk given by Innoplexus Co-founder & CTO, Mr. Gaurav Tripathi at DataHack 2018 - an event by Analytics Vidhya. Lot of analytics companies from silicon valley to budding...

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The Story Of Disrupting AI-Driven Team

 Discover the story of bringing together two worlds- AI and healthcare. Gunjan Bhardwaj, Founder and CEO of Innoplexus, guides us through an inspiring journey of disrupting AI- driven teams with...

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Building AI Foundation

 How to build the foundations of AI your team needs?- A deep dive. Gaurav Tripathi, Co-Founder and CTO of Innoplexus, shares his experience as a data scientist and entrepreneur who...

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