Artificial Intelligence-driven Biomarker Discovery

Our Solution Helps you Find Different Kinds of Biomarkers

diseases_iconDiagnose rare or ambiguous

cluster-patientCluster patient endotypes
for prognosis

determine-responsive-patientDetermine responsive patient
groups for treatment

Precise, Faster, and Cheaper Biomarker Identification



Patent-pending technologies provide biologically-normalized integration of enterprise data with Innoplexus ontology-annotated data ocean of public knowledge, to perform holistic analysis



AI-enabled algorithms generate unbiased set of hypotheses for potential biomarkers or combinations testing all possible scenarios



Extensive biological multigraph-based scientific validation over public knowledge is deployed to ensure high biomarker prediction accuracy while removing false-positives



Continuous intuitive interface to transparently visualize interpretation of AI output with relevant network and provenances from public literature

Bad Biomarker is as Bad as a Bad Drug


  • In 2017, 41% of approved FDA drugs are biomarker associated drugs and biomarker discovery market is growing by 13.8% CAGR [IQVIA institute report 2019]
  • But, very few of new circulating cancer biomarkers have entered the clinic in the last 30 years [Diamandis EP, BMC Med. 2012]
  • It is unacceptably easy to publish ‘statistically significant’ evidence consistent with any hypothesis [Simmons et al, Psychol Sci. 2011]


However, AI coupled with entire life sciences knowledge can empower researchers to identify novel biomarkers with high precision. Moreover, continuous analytics dashboards enable researchers to deep dive in to AI-prediction for interpretations and for cutting down on cost and time to find the right biomarkers.

The Biomarker Identification Engine serves various Stakeholders

big pharmaBig pharma

Increase the likelihood of regulatory approval by identifying precise biomarkers

Medium biotechsMedium & small biotechs

Identify and pursue your niche set of patients with relevant biomarkers for maximum returns


Right biomarkers increase the trials’ chances of success and even chances of winning the bid

We connect more than 230 Attributes based on our Life Science Data Ocean




Clinical Trials


Gene Profiles




Congress Articles




Drug Profiles


Theses & Dissertation

  • World´s largest Life Science Ontology with 30M+ biomedical terms
  • Connecting drugs, indications, study design, trial information, patients, authors, and sponsors with real-world events
  • Structuring unstructured data
  • Real time predictions

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