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Leverage AI to predict clinical trial outcomes

A biopharmaceutical company spends about $2.5 billion on developing a drug. With only 10-15% of drug candidates making through the clinical trial phase to approval, the company’s stock performance depends heavily on the outcome of its pipeline. Prior knowledge of approval probability of a trial can help investors gain an edge!


So, is it possible to predict the result beforehand? At Innoplexus, it is!


Innoplexus harnesses machine learning technology to predict the success of clinical trials. Now, you can determine the likelihood of a drug passing a clinical trial phase based on several factors such as trial design, targeted patient population and the drug’s pharmacodynamic & pharmacokinetic properties. We also leverage external world data such as sponsor track record, investigator reputation and research trends by therapeutic area to accurately predict the trial success.


Unlock previously impossible opportunities using our insights to empower your investment strategy in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Empower your Investment Decision with 190+ Attributes based on our Life Science Data Ocean




Clinical Trials


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Drug Profiles


Theses & Dissertation

  • World´s largest Life Science Ontology with 25M+ biomedical terms
  • Structuring unstructured data
  • Real time predictions

Our innovation lead technology development

helped us to file 70+ patents



Smart contract system for searching unpublished data and making transactions. Real time valuation of unpublished data through AI. TruAgent™ enables integrating confidential data in a secured way.


Computer Vision

Leverage image processing to classify & extract relevant info from PDF and image files. Enhanced OCR to handle ambiguous & special characters with higher precision. Interprets page layout & structure as humans, to machine language.


Entity Normalisation

Resolving entities from disparate sources covering name variations & degeneration. Increasing the precision to discover entities even with sparse metadata. Leverage crawled data to improve normalization.


Machine Learning & AI

Tapping the wealth of unstructured data, from internal and external sources. Understand domain specific contextual information (e.g. our life science language processing™ engine). Building reasoning system to serve intent of user queries.



Mapping all discoverable concepts from content of all major data sources in the base ontology. Connects observations from curated sources & literature. Self learns unseen concepts validated by random checks.


Network Analysis

Modelling and persisting the entire data set as a network in graph database. Multi-graph with networks from different asset classes as layers. Large scale network analysis to find key insights in real time.

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A European AI Champion


Innoplexus AG is a Frankfurt based company that offers AI and Blockchain based products for Life Sciences and Financial Services. With 70+ patent applications and top 20 global pharma as its clients, Innoplexus is now actively involved in Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies as well.


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